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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

So, where was I .......?

Ahh yes, our holiday saga. Our first trip with Mark Warner who was highly recommended from several friends; we opted for Lakitira resort on Kos, Greece.

I could waffle on endlessly here but I will summarise both for your sakes and mine.

Overall the holiday was great; food varied and delicious, wine ok, beach wonderful, watersports and windsurfing instruction superb and so on and so forth.

Our accommodation; awful!

Cockroaches on the curtains (which were hanging off by the way), ants nest in the skirting board behind the curtains crawling all the way up to the ceiling, bath plug blocked, water running from freezing to scalding in seconds, no safety plug sockets (this is a family holiday remember), towels taken away but not replaced ...... need I go on? Oh yes, and there's a mix up with the menu for our lactose intolerant 1 year old - sheesh!

We weren't the only disappointed guests. One of them we spoke to (an Operations Manager for Thistle Hotels!!), said that the company had "over promised and under delivered".

I like that!

So, Mark Warners' reply to our rather lengthy letter will determine whether or not we see the inside of one of their hotels ever again.

I'll let you know whilst leaving you with some Ouzo to look at.

Which is nowhere near as much fun as drinking the stuff of course!


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