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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Every cloud has a silver lining

For reasons I won't go into here, I ended up taking the day off yesterday to look after Missy. I rarely get to spend time alone with her and it really was great.

The funniest bit was that she did an enormous poo for M first thing in the morning, didn't poo all day (for me) and then, when M was getting her ready for bed last night, she did another enormous poo!

Good girl!

I really do get to see a different side of her when we're on our own. When I'm down the hall with J, I can usually hear her yelling when she's being changed, yelling when she's hungry, yelling when she's tired etc. This gave me a false sense of her being a very loud child but I know that's not true (She has got an ear splitting shriek capable of perforating a human ear drum at 50 paces but that's neither here nor there!!).

Anyway, she decided to sleep for two hours in the morning plus she had an appointment with the dietician in the afternoon which didn't leave much time in between for fun - but we managed.

For the same reasons as yesterday, I'm taking tomorrow off too. I reckon we'll be able to fit in more "us" time tomorrow, more "mano a mano".

The sun is shining. Life is g.........

No hang on!

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