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Sunday, June 11, 2006


I read recently in a broadsheet that "Brit's are boring; when greeting a friend in the street, the first thing they talk about is the weather - either it's too hot, too wet or too cold".

Pretty accurate no?

With that in mind.......

We had a lovely day today - yesterday I admit we did the essential stuff like Mothercare to get sandals for the children (during Englands opening football match - roads and shops were empty!!). Then on to the fruit and veg' shop for a giant watermelon to put in the fridge - but today we spent the whole day in the garden.

In the morning we played and after his nap J helped me prepare a BBQ. We discussed safety matches and we saw how quickly fire caught hold - all good lessons in my book. He then sat patiently at the patio table all on his own with a huge plate of sliced and diced vegetables - cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers and onions which he pushed onto (blunt) skewers. He was sat there wearing his
prize from last weeks competition, frowning slightly through concentration. It reminded me of his momentous achievement when I had just started my blog - see 30th of March here - I think he enjoyed eating them all the more in the knowledge that he had made them.

Fresh veggie kebabs - well done Poops.

I leave you with a piccy taken yesterday evening looking out from our garden doors.


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