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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Dad on a train!

Following last weeks "incident" which led to my bike most definitely being out of action for the immediate future, I made my way into London this morning by means of public transport; namely, the train (I haven't travelled by tube for almost a year - nor will I).

You know, it wasn't too bad! I didn't think I'd hear myself say it but it was ok. I got a seat, with a table to put my book on, it was relaxing even!!

I compared it to my usual journey in - hectic, noisy, fast paced and, as I found out last week, dangerous at times!

I wouldn't change things though. What I didn't enjoy was the waiting around on platforms, my journey time dictated by the arrival of the train and by the journey of the train in front of that one and so on! It took me 1 hour and 15 minutes door to door - that was from the nursery door too, not my own front door - compare that to my usual 25-30 minutes on my bike. A loss of an hour and a half a DAY! Another working day per week sat on a train!!!

Hmmm....... hectic or not, I can't wait to get my bike back!!

Sorry love!


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