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Friday, May 19, 2006

There she blows!

Picked up our car from the garage this morning after I dented the door. It was all polished, valeted inside, gleaming, smelling nice - hold that thought.

Ok, cut to this afternoon - we're all off to see the Fimbles after I won a family ticket through a competition at work - £50 worth of tickets, marvellous. We are half a mile from the theatre when Missy decides to projectile vomit in the car, over M, me, herself, her car seat, the back seat, the floor and so on. Our choices are fairly limited so I explain to J that we can't go to see the Fimbles and that we need to go home and get A out of her clothes and clean the car out. He took it amazingly well - bless him, he's such a trooper - a little upset at first but he understood. I think perhaps I was more disappointed for him than he was. Missy seemed totally unfazed by her episode and was her normal self 5 minutes later. M thought that "someone" was trying to tell us something, or was looking out for us - I think she's right.

I tell you though, it doesn't matter how much you plan .........

Anyway, to make it up to J, I took him for his first trip to the cinema to see Ice Age 2. The film was ok but I think he enjoyed the experience of the dark cinema, the curtain peeling back to reveal the "giant television", the popcorn, snacks and drinks, not to mention 5 trips to the toilet throughout the film which he thought was hilarious - running down the stairs to the front of the auditorium, out the door, run across the foyer, toilet, run back across foyer, through door, back up to our seats - the family behind us took it very well too.

More father/son bonding which is always a pleasure.


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