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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sod's law

J hasn't been unwell for a few weeks now but of course, as he is due to go into hospital to have grommets put in tomorrow, he has a high temperature and is off his food! The last time he had a cold he went almost completely deaf and this was what we put his 'clinginess' down to a short while back when he didn't want to go to nursery in the morning.

Anyway, we've prepared him for what might take place in the morning. He knows he isn't allowed to eat anything when he wakes up - I can't help but think the gravity of that hasn't entirely sunk in; the boy loves to eat - and he also knows that their is a surprise for him afterwards.

He said to M tonight, "you know Mum, for my surprise, I want a really fast racing car". What did we buy him today? An air powered racing car that goes really fast!!



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