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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Evil eye? Or just too damn smug?

Now this is exactly the sort of thing which has allowed my defeatist attitude to manifest itself over the years. Not one day has elapsed since my "life is good"" comment, ending yesterdays post and what happens? The boiler packs up on the same evening the country slides back into the wintry abyss we thought we had ice-picked our way out of!

We are most definitely not amused!!

Cue the frantic 'phone calls to various plumbers and heating engineers you have been in touch with over the years, apologise for not having gotten the boiler serviced as often as you know you should have, blah blah blah, but could you find it in your heart to pop over for a nice hot cuppa and biscuit and, ooh, before I forget, the boilers doesn't work - you couldn't have a look could you?

"Sorry, I won't be able to see you until Friday I'm afraid. I'm just snowed under with work. Oh, hang on, I might be able to come over this afternoon?"

Or, charge you a small fortune for "dropping everything" for a "mate".


Having a Lebanese wife, the topic of the "evil eye" comes up from time to time and basically, it is supposed to stop you from being too smug about things. Like, for example, me spouting yesterday that life is good.

Well life IS good!

It could be better of course - my job could be enthralling, the pay could be supersonic, I would have more hair and a nose like Rob Lowe!

These wishes aside, if I take into consideration the fact that I have a lovely family, a nice home etc, then my life is good - why can't I announce that to the world?

Evil eye, that why!

But I wasn't showing off. I wasn't implying that my life is better than the next persons! I'm just trying to realise, through sharing my thoughts and writings here, that my life is indeed very rich even though I am in fact financially, I'm broker than I've ever been!

But, following our current boiler situation, I recant my "life is good" comment and will end today with......

"Life is ....... quite good. Occasionally."

Evening update: Circuit board that controls the boiler is "gone" and can't be replaced until Friday - that's 48 stone cold hours away. AND it's £300 for a new one.

A boiler service? £40.

The lesson for today? Call a heating engineer tomorrow and book in a service - trust me, it'll hurt way less!

And when you're snuggled up tonight, having kicked the quilt off 'cos you're lovely and warm ...... oh, never mind!


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