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Thursday, April 13, 2006


A day off work! Is there anything sweeter? Well, yes, but for the purpose of this family friendly blog, no.

I'm not talking about a Bank Holiday or a Saturday or Sunday - I mean a full on, annual leave day off. I had boring stuff planned to do on said day off but it's been worth it. Today, I am pleased to say that I;

Finished the shower room, finished Josephs curtains, tidied up my "shed" (it's actually a tiny outhouse but it houses all my junk - I tidied it) and took pictures of most of the stuff I want to get rid of in the coming months. This last bit made the front room looks heaps better so I'm pleased.

All that, collect children from nursery, meet wife from work, home, large bowl of pasta and a large glass of red wine.

Like the title says, Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh.......


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