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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Green isn't it?

Like us, you might not live particularly close to the County of Kent but there's lots going on within it and our day trips invariably involve at the very least, a brush with the Kent countryside, if not a full on drive through its very heart.

Today took us near to Paddock Wood where we visited Hop Farm; an enormous campus of 'farm type stuff' rather than a full on working farm.
It wasn't cheap - £25 for two adults and one child above the age of 3 (baby went free) - but I figured that once we were in, everything else would be gratis.

Not so!

First thing you see through the gate is a Thomas the Tank engine type ride; a pound a go. Next, make an Easter bonnet - a pound. Paint and bake a ceramic shape of your choice - a pound. Oh hang on, Punch and Judy, free. Swing park, free. Meet the shire horse, free.

Oh well, swings and roundabouts!

I'm not notoriously tight-fisted but I'd be lying if I said I didn't have to watch the pennies v-e-r-y carefully! I never said a word though, as I didn't want our companions for the day (Josephs Godfather, his wife and their children) thinking I AM tight-fisted. Thankfully, half an hour into our visit, he said to me, "you'd think after the bloody entrance fee, all this would be free!".

Phew, not just me then!

To be fair, we then proceeded to have a really fun day. It was made all the better by the mere fact that it was gloriously sunny day, if a bit cold (I HAD forgotten my coat - I can't blame anyone else for that I suppose) and the children all enjoyed themselves, not to mention the swing park was empty and I went down a (tiny) death-slide for the first time in years. Sandcastles, crazy mirrors, meet the animals (including a tiny mouse which did a microscopic poo on Josephs hand, much to his delight), a very un PC Mr Punch getting "told off" for hurling the baby down the stairs, a chase with a chicken and a surprisingly reasonable gift shop visit later and it was time for home.

An hours drive, in the front door, brush teeth, wash hands and face, hysteria through tiredness for nearly everyone, story and then bed, bringing an enjoyable trip to a close.

Lesson for today?

When you think you've packed everything for your day out, check again. Being coat-less nearly spoiled my day. It was only the fact that I am not too proud to steal my wifes' coat that I struggled through.

I'm pooped so I'll leave you with a picture.


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