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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Beautiful day!

You know, one of the (best) things I have noticed since starting my blog, is that some of the things that I have usually taken for granted, now stand out. As an example, a couple of lunchtimes per week I will take a walk around near where I work and get little things out of the way, such as going to the Post Office or paying in a cheque etc. When these 'chores' are done, I will have a stroll in no particular direction.

Today took me along Drury Lane (from the Aldwych end) and as I approached Long acre at the top, I passed Drury Lane Gardens. This turned out to be a tiny oasis of calm amidst the chaos of central London. Although I didn't stop for long, I did step inside the boundary of the gardens and took a minute to look around. The trees were in full bloom with masses of cherry blossom hanging from every branch, couples were sat sharing their lunch and a laugh, and all this was being played out to a soundtrack of twittering sparrows and starlings, chasing each other from tree to bush and back again, fighting over scraps of discarded sandwiches. The gardens aren't very big at all, more like a large patio in fact, but the whole place seemed alive with colour, vibrancy and noise - as if it had booked the first appearance for Spring solely for the occupants today!

It really was a beautiful day.

But bloody cold! Where the hell did that come from all of a sudden? Last week, we're gloomily accepting that April showers look here to stay for, well, all of April and BANG, down drop the thermometers again to 4 degrees, get your coat back on and pull the collar up, what a colossal bore!

Now I very cleverly did NOT have my camera with me to capture and share the moment with you, so I'm going to cheat. I took this shot in the second week of January this year (warmer than today), as we were leaving the grounds of Hornimans Museum in South East London. It's a smashing museum and seems to have had a lot of money spent on it in recent years. Set in beautiful grounds with lots to look at and interact with in the museum, you should definitely pencil a visit in this summer.

If you enjoy it, let me know. If you hate it, don't go again!!

Ooh, before I go, a quick update on Josephs button achievement. Tonight, as before whilst doing a number 2, without a word he just starts undoing his shirt button and casually smiles when he undoes it first time.

"Now", I say, "here's how to do it up - and THEN undo them".

He looks down, deep breath and undoes one button and does it back up again. It's all too easy today and doesn't warrant the same response as the first time (see previous post) but we both think the same thing;

Me: My son is clever and cool!

Joseph: I am clever and cool!

Aahhhhh, life is good.


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