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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Brass Monkeys

One hour! One lousy hour! That's by how much I need to leave work early to make a whole heap of difference to my day, my evening and my life. Why can't we all work 9 until 4? I was home at 4.30, at the nursery for 4.45, we were all home for 5 and having fun.

An hours EXTRA fun to be precise!

The children were happy (instead of their borderline hysteria due to tiredness), we were beaming 'cos we got to spend the extra time with them, we could get them ready for bed at a reasonable pace rather than a major rush and so on and so on.

So, employers everywhere - if you're listening - see the difference 1 hour a day makes? Staff morale will be up, productivity will be up and your workplace will be a transformed space, all because you let us leave an hour early each day. Trust me, it'll work.

Short post for me today - another cold night ahead until our boiler is fixed tomorrow, so I need to get fires going, extra blankets and jumpers and the like, not to mention the fact that I can hardly type properly with frozen fingers (what a trooper!!)

Don't forget to crank up your thermostats tonight whilst kipping in the bare minimum.


Nippy today but beautiful clear skies!


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