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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Oh man, I can't believe I've just started my very own blog and MISSED the opportunity to post an entry on April Fools Day! The fun I could've had!!!

I do have a valid excuse however - I'm a parent, and parents can NEVER be sure they're going to be able to do ANYTHING they want, when they want!

As it happens, a work colleague left on Friday, and he and his girlfriend (I hate the politically correct "partner" nonsense) are off to sunnier climes so they organised a 'Leaving London' drink on Saturday night. I haven't been out to a pub for, well...... bloody ages and I have to say it was great fun. I didn't overdo it in any way, shape or form (you wouldn't exactly call 'me' the life and soul of a party I admit) but this stood me in good stead for waking up early on Sunday morning.

(Parents have to do this whether they like it or not you see - if they have any sense at least!!!)

Anyway, to the important stuff, and our very relaxed Sunday included a trip to the supermarket (rivetting stuff I know but bear with me) and we asked our son if he would like to eat in front of the TV?

This suggestion went down very well and so we had a TV dinner consisting of pizza (rare for us), followed by waffles and ice cream (even rarer) whilst watching Disneys Hunchback of Notre Dame (a totally new experience for us all).

The point of all this rambling, is that Joseph announced that he "didn't like the cheese on the pizza". This is a boy who loves ALL cheeses - loves ALL food in fact. So, I removed the toppings piece by piece (including tiny bits of mushroom), scraped the cheese off and then replaced the toppings bit by bit (including the mushrooms). "Mmmmm, that's better" was the response.

Quite worth it believe it or not!

I felt a bit sorry for our mutilated pizzas - what had they ever done to us? They were created purely for our enjoyment but somehow that didn't give me the right to strip them of their cheese topping!!

Similarly, he didn't want to eat his waffles and ice cream - just the ice cream. Which again, seemed to twist the knife in as far as the waffles went! It's not THEIR fault they were a bit rubbery!

On top of all this, our wonderful (although ever-so-occasionally-deafeningly-loud daughter) was desperately trying to get her hands on some of her brothers food and was "voicing her annoyance" at being refused. Sharing food with her brother is a no-no however, because unfortunately she is (until further testing), dairy allergic and has a fairly restricted diet as far as "nice" things go!

Is there a lesson to be learnt here?


Having said that, I guess what I want to get out of my postings here is that (in the hope that anybody reads any of it), I want the difficulties, the triumphs, the upsets and the ups and downs of parenthood to be crystal clear, to parents, parents-to-be and wanna be parents.

Trust me on one thing though - through all the tears, exhaustion, scraped pizza cheese and runny poo - parenting rocks!


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