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Monday, April 10, 2006

Local elections

"Good evening, sorry to disturb you, can I ask, do you normally vote for the _____ Party Sir?"


"Well, it's just that our candidate lives local and it's much better to have a local man wouldn't you say? We were just canvassing at the other end of your street and we noticed some railings that haven't been fixed by the local council who, as you know, are the _____ Party, blah blah blah...".

Now, I was never interested in politics but as you get older, you realise that it plays a hugepart in just about every aspect of your lives. Do you know what pisses me off about politics however? It's the constant tit-for-tat bickering that all parties, in particular, the Tory and Labour parties, partake in.

"Oh, well, we've only had to spend £80 billion pounds on pavements because the last Tory government did this ....."


"Well if it wasn't for the Labour party meddling in such and such, we would have been able to ..."

.... and so on. It's tedious - you've only got to watch the news coverage of parliament to see them, all huddled together in their little cliques, sniggering and pointing at their opposite number in the seats across the chamber, cheering when someone puts in a low blow on someone from the Left - jeering when someone kicks out at the Right - these are GROWN men and women for crying out loud!!

I mean, have you watched Question Time? It's riveting stuff, watching this minister shaking his or her head at the thinly veiled accusations being fired at them from all sides, not to mention the audience baying for blood not 20 feet away from where they're sat.

Top notch viewing!


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