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Thursday, December 24, 2009

"Remove cork ... pour ... sip ... and rela-a-a-ax ... "

If your stress levels are anywhere near where mine have been, you will probably also be feeling relieved that you can't do much more than you already have. Actually, as I wrote that, I realised that I am no longer stressed due to the fact that we have not got any entertaining to do for the Big One - tomorrow.

As you may have guessed therefore, we are not cooking Christmas Day lunch, but have only to look forward to being catered for.

Shopping, presents, food prep', shopping, exchanging incorrect presents, further purchasing etc, it all comes down to tomorrow.

Of course, today actually marks Christmas itself, as opposed to the season of Advent, which is where the shops purposely mis-sell the whole notion that "presents = happiness and love".

It ain't true!

My picture today is the front of a Christmas card I received from one of the pupils that I work with.

I think it's rather beautiful.

ps; don't forget to leave the mince pie, milk and carrot out!!


Blogger Alistair said...

I think that the description of that child as one you 'work with' as a teacher picks you out as a top bloke and probably the very best kind of teacher these kids will ever have.

Its what I have come to expect from a Dad who can write a blog that shows so well that its the little things that are sometimes overlooked in the rush of modern life that are often the most important.

Thank you.

2:15 am

Blogger Dad said...

As always Al, your thoughtful comments are very much appreciated.

Merry Christmas to you.

8:34 pm


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