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Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Can you tell what it is yet?"

I have been trying to find the time to sit down and write about last Saturday since ... erm ... last Saturday, but have been too busy doing I'm not sure what!

Nevertheless, here I am, willing and able.

Poor M has a busy enough week as it is without offering to work 50% of our precious weekend, but work she did. This coincided with Joseph going to play at a school friend's house which left Annabel and my good self, almost unbelievably, alone for the day!! Annabel and I never get to spend any time alone, like, ever!!

It was a treat.

The weather was rotten but this didn't matter in the slightest. We played snakes and ladders, we did arts and crafts, we did drawings, colouring in, fuzzy felt pictures, puzzles, had lunch alone and, when it was all too much, we watched some TV slumped on the sofa until late afternoon.

Although (most) parents love their child/ren with all their heart on a daily basis, there are days when you feel your heart will burst; today I was lucky enough to have one of those days.

Thanks Missy - I had a lovely day.

Can't wait 'till the next one!

I could tell you all about this scene but it has been done so creatively, that I know I need not explain what it is?



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