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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Anger management police? Moi??

Blackadder: "Do you know what 'irony' is Baldrick?"

Baldrick: "Yeah, it's like goldy or silvery, only it's made out of iron!"

This was the terrific exchange that went through my mind this morning when the headteacher came to thank me for talking to a pupil who was extremely upset and was finding it almost impossible to control his temper. She ended the conversation by saying that I could be the school's Anger Management Police and should be called upon whenever needed.

It was all tongue in cheek of course, but the fact that it was being suggested, even in jest, prompted the irony comparison.

You see, it has been known for me to lose my own temper once or-half-a-million times in the course of my lifetime.

Heh heh, I know ..... I know ..... hard to believe but unfortunately, true.

As a general rule, I am most short tempered with myself. Having said that, if I really wanted to, I could draw you up a list of things that have pushed me past boiling point, often quite ridiculous. To do that, however, would risk you thinking badly of me (which I simply couldn't bear) so we'll forget all about that, thank you very much!

Talking of losing one's temper, I want you to consider two points.

Firstly, why is it that when you see an everyday car (including your own) getting a parking ticket, you think that traffic wardens are without heart or humour, but when you see a SuperCar getting ticketed, it's strangely satisfying? Or is it just spiteful old me??

Secondly, what do people who drive SuperCars do when they see they've been given a parking ticket? Do they freak out and start frothing at the mouth or do they simply smile, remind themselves of how little it will impact on their bank balance and drive off at terrific speed?

I sure wouldn't mind finding out for myself!!


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