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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"When your world is full of strange arrangements ..."

"How many times do I have to say it, if you wake up early, please don't wake Mummy or me. Either go back to sleep or just play quietly or read, ok?"

The old saying "in one ear and out the other" is wholly appropriate here and many a weekend lie in has been cut horribly short by this request being entirely ignored. One can only moan so much however, for this is the choice a parent has made; this is the path they have chosen! Of course, you don't know it is non-negotiable until it's too late, which is a bit of a bummer!

However, on very rare occasions, the above saying must register somewhere deep in a child's psyche 'cos you roll over, look at the clock and realise you've slept in until 8.15am (yes, that is a lie in!).

Of course, then, your worry button kicks in because everything is so ..... quiet! And so you find yourself tip-toe-ing down the landing, listening out for signs of life (you can hear nothing), looking into one bedroom, then the next, then the bathroom, before arriving at the 'back' bedroom and, peering through the crack of the door, you see both your children playing together, talking quietly but happily, co-operating with each other with the task in hand and, trying to avoid disrupting their play (and feeling slightly guilty at wondering what they might really be up to), you turn and make your way to the bathroom.

Too late - they've heard you and out they come, first to say good morning then to run off down the landing to see their Mama.

Naturally, you have to satisfy your curiosity and take a peak at what they were making.

A heart made from Crazy Bones.



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