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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Beans, beans, the musical fruit ..."

Rip; bottom burp; pant rumbler; horse and cart; 1 man salute; break wind; flatulence; honk; pass wind; the dog did it.

In this increasingly politically correct world, it seems even the funniest of words are being deemed unnacceptable. I mean, what's offensive about the word "fart"?

Ok, I admit, there are plenty of more "polite" words to explain the action, especially if you are teaching your children but does the word fart actually offend?

To offend or not to offend, that is the question!

Either way, in a bid to keep it clean for my children's sake BUT, not wanting to completely lose the humour surrounding the word (or should that be verb?), I introduced two options.

"Oh my goodness, who let one rip?" is the first choice of question that even now gets plenty of cheap laughs from both offspring. This is absolutely nothing however, compared to the laughter that Annabel got from me when tonight, with a totally seriously face, she offered up the second option of phrase which I associate more with my Dad saying. She held her nose, looked from her brother (the perpetrator) to me and said, "I think Joseph's let one go Dad".

I don't care who y'are, but coming from a 4 year old, that's funny right there!


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