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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Those Wally's At Talk Talk

Or TWATT's for short.

"Ooh, yes, sorry Mr Dad On A Bike, we appreciate you're lost without your broadband connection but rest assured, we're doing all we can do rectify the problem. Let me just double check, you're in Edmonton aren't you?"


"Right, oh no, that's right, London, of course, well, thanks for your patience. If you're not back up and running this time tomorrow, call us back and let us know".

"Yes. I'll do that".

No broadband = no posting so apologies all.

Anyways, I haven't got a picture of me ranting down the telephone. Nor have I got a computer-ish picture of my keyboard or similar so, not wanting to form an entire post around a complaint (why not, wouldn't be the first time???), I shall leave you with a piccy of some rather fabulous 'tiramisu truffles' which I knocked up for a couple of work colleagues who were celebrating birthdays around the same time recently.

I say knocked up, the damn things took me three evenings of 4 hours each approx' but, according to the recipients, they were delicious and very gratefully received.

(Who am I kidding, like I didn't help myself to several when finished!!)

Having said that, being as annoyingly sensitive to caffeine as I am nowadays, I was wandering around with a slightly silly grin for days afterwards.

If you're remotely interested in the recipe for these beautiful choc's with a kick like a mule, you have but to ask.

You'll be needing a bit of spare time though!


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