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Friday, June 19, 2009

"Hakuna Matata"

I remember the second time we went to Lebanon; it was 2003 and Joseph was just about to celebrate his first birthday. He had reacted badly to something and his eyes were incredibly red and sore, not to mention running a 40 degree temperature (hey, the digital ear thermometer never lies).

Where better to be with a high fever than baking hot Lebanon as Summer held on on for all she was worth?

Anyways, I had been at my new job at Maida Vale studios for around 6 months and was enjoying my new surroundings very much. However, a cousin of M's (who we stayed with in Beirut), announced that the BBC had recently acquired premises just outside the Lebanese capital.

My mind immediately went into overdrive with visions of trading in the rat race that I knew for a rat race that I didn't know in a different country and culture! I stupidly started babbling my plans out loud and M and her cousin gave a sympathetic nod.

Or so I thought.

Heh heh .... yeah yeah, laugh away.



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