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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"Tally ho, my fine, saucy young trollop ...."


Yes, as mentioned, the Parker-Bowles were here at the weekend and it has been known for us to consume a bottle or two (or sometimes even three) of the finest wines that the world has to offer.

Ok, perhaps not the finest but perfectly gluggable examples nevertheless.

This past weekend was no exception and there's the faintest hint of a chance that I may have got the port and brandy offerings just right!

Nice food, drink, gossip, drink, bit more gossip, finishing with cheese and another drink and there you have it; another successful evening chalked up between the four of us, proving once again that distance is no match for friendship.

In fact, the evening was almost as much a cause for celebration as was the belated birthday gift I received from them which was none other than HFW's Family cookbook which I have been hankering after for quite some time now. I have scanned the cover for your viewing pleasure (below).

Thanks A~M and Rich'. Although you could probably already tell, I bloody love it!!!


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