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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Ex-squeeze me? How old???

If organising our children's birthday parties were left to me, they would be the same old thing, year in, year out. Thankfully however, "she who is know to you only as M" has parties listed under her remit and again, thankfully, she is one, very clever lass.

In a world that seems to think it's ok to stick your child in a sweaty, sticky and generally grubby play pit so you can chat to your grown up friends, M managed to book a slot at a smashing venue located barely 3 miles from home.

There are times in life that necessitate thrifty-ness and other times that require you to "spend a few quid extra", and your child's 4th birthday party most definitely belongs in the latter category. The place was clean, the staff were friendly, the food/coffee/cakes were delicious and children and parents alike seemed more than happy.

Well done M.

Ooh yeah, and many happy returns to our lovely Missy.

Happy birthday Annabel. We love you very much!!

Obligatory shot of Missy's party outfit. Please note Big Brother's clenched, protective hand on her shoulder!!

(His face said otherwise but we know he also loves his sister muchos!!!


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