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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"The boy stood on the burning deck ...."

A couple of snippets for your reading pleasure today.

Firstly, Annabel.

I walked into the TV room earlier to see Annabel lying on the sofa, remote control in one hand and the other pushed firmly up her nose, clearly trying to excavate something stubborn.

Oblivious to me being there, this carried on for about a minute and a half before she removed what it was she had been after. Without blinking or taking her eyes from the television, she rolled the offending item between a thumb and a forefinger before nonchalantly holding her arm over the side of the sofa and tried to "release" it.

"Erm ..... excuse me", I said loudly, announcing my presence in the room (she was clearly startled). "What exactly have you got in your hand?"

I could see her mind working overtime.

"Is it a bogey? Have you just picked your nose? I hope you're not going to throw it on the floor?"

At this point, she actually had the cheek to try and watch her programme out of the corner of her eye.

"Well? Is it a bogey?"

She nodded, looking not quite as remorseful as I would've liked.

"Right then, I don't want to be picking up boogers later on, go and get a tissue for it please".

Without batting ana eyelide she slumped back on the sofa, looked straight at the television and replied, "I want you to go and get me one!"

Good, I'm glad I stamped my authority on that little situation!

What else was there?

Oh yeah, the same evening, I made fresh pizza dough with Duchy sausages, mozzarella cheese and a rather dazzling tomato sauce (even if I do say so meself).

Joseph walks into the kitchen to see me tearing the mozzarella cheese and dropping it onto the pizza dough and does his little freaky dance that tells me he's not happy.

"I don't like that!"

"You don't know what it is".

"Yes I do".

"What is it then?"

Little dance; he doesn't know.

"This is a different type of cheese - you like cheese".

"Not that type!"

"Here, try it". I hold some out to him.

More dancing.

"Ok, how about I take all the cheese off and replace it with your favourite cheese stick?"

Dancing ceases, thumb goes into mouth which has broadened into a smile and he leaves kitchen happy.

Mozzarella stays exactly where it is, pizza gets cooked and devoured in a very short space of time.

No more dancing followed.


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