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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bravo mes enfants, bravo!

Another term, another parents evening; what would they bring?

Annabels' was done and dusted fairly quickly. We were told that she is very good at singing and favours the more creative work stations, like sticking and drawing over things like maths (hey, if she wansts to be an artist, that's alright by me!). She is helpful to others (including staff) and is attentive and considerate at 'carpet time' (story and discussion at the end of the day).

Josephs' turn next and we were delighted to hear that he has settled into his second term nicely, he is focussing on his work better (as well as finishing it on time) and has been earning certificates and stickers for good work and behaviour left, right and centre (including this one).

What can I say?

The future's bright.


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