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Wednesday, January 16, 2008


My new years eve post mentioned that Annabel was feeling rather lonely at nursery just lately due to the fact that her “circle of friends” had moved up to the Learning Centre – the room for the oldest age group before leaving for reception at school.

Out of the blue last week, we were told she would be “settling in” and just like that, this Monday morning she is in the ‘big’ room and she is delighted.

For a good few weeks, all we got from her conversationally was “Anna gone on holiday” or “Francis gone on holiday”. They were in fact only next door but as far as she was concerned, not seeing them equated to them being off somewhere having a jolly up.

Of course, the majority of the children in that room are much older and this has had a major knock on effect on Annabel’s vocabulary, stringing full sentences together as opposed to lots of individual words and I have congratulated her and smiled smugly at anyone nearby at my clever daughter’s grasp of language.

Until this evening that is, when she gave M a cuddle, sat up on the sofa and, smiling broadly, announced to us both, “when my big, I gonna get big boobies”.

Okey dokey.

Slight surprise you could say, followed by suppressing a laugh (both of us) and then we changed the subject.

We would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for the fact that Joseph, who until that moment was engrossed in the TV, looked around, eyes wide, spoonful of yoghurt poised to be eaten and let out a burst of laughter which set Annabel off which in turn set me off!

Children - one

Parents - nil


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