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Monday, January 01, 2007

1st of January 2007


It’s finally here; 2007. We’ve bought our new diaries, updated the wall calendars in the kitchen, discussed our healthy eating plan for the whole of January and written and re-written our resolutions for the year ahead. I say re-written because I’ve tried to be realistic and resolutions are never realistic when you first go through them.

I was a little miffed though as I started the New Year with a bloody hangover. I wouldn’t have minded if I’d been involved in a full on session but a couple of beers and the best part of a bottle of red wine and I felt absolutely, 100% awful at 8am. I'm putting it down to a dodgy prawn dim sum. Thankfully, my wonderful wif (not a typo) brought me Eno’s, a cup of tea and turned the light off until I finally stirred at 10.

Thanks again love.

It was a shame because today was the most beautiful start to a new year I can remember. We went for a walk to the ‘rec’ to go on the slide, swings and climbing frame and as I was getting Joseph ready, he said something that I’m sure every parent dreads hearing for the first time. When I said we would be wearing his old trainers as the rec would probably be wet and muddy, he threw a big huff and said, “oh, they’re not gonna look good”.

He’s 4 years old for crying out loud! Not gonna look good? Good grief, I never worried about my appearance until I was …….. well …….. never!

I can see it now; I’ll need a Saturday job just to keep him in trendy trainers. And I was worried about Missy parading up and down the hallway with M’s bags over her arm, asking me to change her shoes every 20 minutes.


Looking good already!


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