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Saturday, September 02, 2006


It's official. Joseph IS the best boy in the whole world.

Ok, ok, so I am being a little biased but so what?

Biased or otherwise, he really is a very well behaved and admirable little guy.

We went to his best friends birthday party this afternoon (his actual birthday is tomorrow) and it was at a venue that Joseph knows well and loves.
We go, he plays, he eats, he gets sweaty and hot, running around yelling, climbing and jumping; we come home and we get him ready for bed.

As I'm putting him into bed, I ask if he had a good time at his friends party today? (not differentiating between actual "birthday" and "day of party".

He's tired out, eyes closing, but removes his thumb from his mouth to answer "Yes", and promptly puts thumb back in.

M says, "It's (his best friends) birthday tomorrow", meaning actual birthday.

"Again?" asks an incredulous Joseph, his expression telling us that he's only just left his friends party, how can he possibly be having another one tomorrow????


Well, I thought it was funny!


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