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Friday, August 18, 2006

Friday feeling!

In what M and I refer to as "our past lives" (or 'pre-marriage & pre-parenthood'), we would come home from work in a great mood, ready for the weekend and it usually all kicked off with a nice strong Bloody Mary before sauntering out to spend pretty much the entire evening in our favourite restaurant San Gennaro's in Battersea - the best pizza outside Naples (I always ordered the Classica pizza but with olives as an extra topping - crazy!).

How Friday's have changed!
For M in particular!
She stopped working Friday's when J was born and loved working a 4 day week. Then Missy came along and now her Friday is ........ busy, shall we say! Today looks like being particularly hectic as 3 of Joseph's nursery friends (and their younger siblings and mothers) are coming over for "tea and biscuits".

Of course, this is just code for "causing utter mayhem" and adopting a "search and destroy" attitude to our personal belongings and the house in general.

The mums all take it in turns on a rota system and the last time it was M's turn to host, I arrived home in the afternoon and literally waded through the chaos on the ground floor of the house, through to the back garden where they were all playing.

Poor M - both children wreaking havoc all morning, make them lunch, wrestle them into bed for a nap and then, tidy her hair, splash some cold water on her face before ......... opening the front door with a smile on her face, allowing a further 9 individuals in, all requiring "tea and biscuits".

She asked me to pray for sunshine so at least the boys will be able to play out in the garden.

Actually, as I write I've realised that Annabel will be the only girl amongst them.

Luckily for her (or unluckily for them) she is a tough little cookie and will happily wade in where others fear to tread.

That's my girl!



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