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Monday, August 21, 2006

Monday feeling!

Boy oh boy, the difference a couple of days make!

Before I go off at too much of a tangent, let me make one thing clear - we had a great weekend!

As you might recall, Joseph had friends over on Friday afternoon and, as I suspected, the place was in a fair old state when I got in from work at half past three.

As promised, J and I went to the cinema on Saturday morning armed with a bag of popcorn, a packet of sweets (sugar free naturally), raisins and apple juice. We watched "Cars" with the lead role played by an animated racing car called "Lightning McQueen" or as Joseph pronounced, "like me the queen"! It was great fun and as expected J really enjoyed it - the experience in general as well as the film I think.

Extended family visiting on Saturday afternoon and then home to get the children to bed, late and exhausted.

Sunday saw J complaining of stomach ache (again) and culminated in a night of vomit and runny poo (hey, you want the full story or not??). We think food poisoning from somewhere as he was ok this morning. I was knackered, he was fine!

And here we are, Monday morning.

I got in late, its raining, I had to pay a £50 parking ticket (after I had bought £7.20's worth of parking permit - thanks for nothing Westminster council!) but I am sure the week will get better.

Here's hoping!


ps - Just a quick note to say many congratulations to my cousin Francois on the safe arrival of her second baby boy (sleeping peacefully throughout all the fuss on Saturday), who has been wonderfully named "Joseph".

Great name Fran' - I'm sure our Joseph will be very proud in years to come!

Bo selecta!


Blogger Tina Dray said...

Hey thanks for the visit.
Hope your little boy is feeling better!
A little tip watch those sugar free sweets as they contain things like sorbital which are kind of laxatives so can cause runny bums! Mixed with raisins and apple juice ooh rather you than me lol!

11:45 am


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