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Friday, August 11, 2006

Always thoughtful

I've said it from when he was just a very little baby - Joseph has a very kind heart; he's a very kind boy.

Just a little thing happened yesterday but it reminded me that I was right in this early assumption.

When collecting both children from the nursery, you have to go prepared; with snacks! Missy likes water and a rice cake and Poops likes water, fruit and nuts or raisins. Well yesterday I was in a bit of a rush and grabbed water and two fruit bars.

Upon arrival, M had already collected Missy and was sat with J and his friends. I gave a fruit bar to Missy with her water and a fruit bar to J.

BIG mistake, HUGE!

All his friends gathered round, gawping at this delicious looking treat and, as kids do, asked "can I have some?". J broke a piece off and offered it to one of them and made to move away. Not a chance. They closed ranks and held out their hands persistently.

He broke off another piece and another and another until he was left with the smallest stub of fruit bar.

His shoulders dropped slightly, looking down at what remained of his earlier prize. He said nothing though, just bravely walked from the room, waving good bye to the staff.

My heart thumped in admiration (I could no more hide my frustration now, never mind as a nearly 4 year old!). Thankfully, Missy only ever has a small piece of her bar and so I offered him the entire remainder of hers.

His back straightened, shoulders back, smile returning and a whispered "thank you" just escaping his slightly wobbly lower lip.

He might not have wanted to be left with nothing but he wouldn't have let on to his friends.

A small boy with a big, big heart - we love you so much Poops!



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