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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Magic of Lego

Joseph's God-Mother sent his birthday present down early from Edinburgh on Monday. We were going to keep it for his birthday but he came home from nursery a bit tired, a bit miserable so we gave it to him there and then.

It was a Lego set for a search and rescue helicopter.

Of course, he wanted to make it straight away so I dutifully sat down with the not insignificant set of instructions and made a start. Time ticked on and we were only half way through the project. I expected there to be a mini riot but he was simply too tired to complain. Straight to bed.

We resumed last night. While I was making it, looking at the instructions, I was thinking to myself, "this is not what Lego is supposed to be about! Lego isn't following instructions to make a specific thing! It should be about imagination, freedom of expression, make what you want, not what the manufacturers tell you to make!"

By the time I'd finished it however, I was hooked! It was a superb rescue helicopter, with a working winch, doors, a huge propeller (and one on the tail), two crew members and another unfortunate individual who needed "saving". He didn't look in too much need of rescuing though - he still wore the Lego smile!

We finished construction, we played together for a while before I could see his imagination taking over, flying over the mountainous terrain (his unmade bed), locking onto the enemy (a speaking Maisy Mouse) and then back to base to refuel (his bedroom table).

Unfortunately, the 'copter is on wheels and it decided to roll off the "base"and hit the floor 2 feet below! He only turned his back for a second apparently (I wasn't in the room) and I heard a crash closely followed by his footsteps running along the landing and, with a sob, informs me that it has crashed!
"Don't worry", I say, " we can just put it back together".
The damage was extensive but was remedied in under a minute.
That's the magic of Lego!


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