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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Giant African snails!

3 of them, enormous they are! Plus about 70 baby snails; all in a tiny fishtank in one corner of Joseph's new breakfast club. He's only been there yesterday and today but he seems to like it.

The staff are very nice, very friendly and welcoming and he seems relaxed. He had a bit of a wobbly lip when I left but I think (hope) that will pass.

The staff walk him and his friends down the hill to school where he hangs up his little red school bag, his jacket and puts his name band around his bottle of milk.

Talking of milk, the staff this morning invited me to make myself a cup of tea. This I duly did and reached into the fridge for a drop of the white stuff and came across a proper, old fashioned, glass milk bottle with a red and silver top!

I say "old fashioned" because I cannot remember the last time I used one. I have gotten used to cartons or the plastic bottle with a screw top lid. Not at breakfast club, oh no! I'd also forgotten how you have to push the lid slightly down to remove it and then just balance it back on top of the bottle when you're finished!!

Crikey, milk bottles and tops, blackcurrant ice jubblies, 10p Whizzer and Chips and sherbert lemons - oh boy!

You probably should recognise the above items to appreciate today's picture!

Halcyon days indeed!


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