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Friday, September 22, 2006

All hands on deck!

There's no doubt about it; taking care of both children on your own is tricky. Yes, they are both smashing, yes, they are both generally very good but this doesn't get away from the fact that it is much harder work when you're on your own.

This was M's task yesterday evening thanks to my being involved in a very rare staff bowling match in the very funky Queens Ice and Bowl in West London. (Hey, if it's good enough for
Madonna ...... ).

We came second out of 10 teams - not too shabby if you ask me! We have medals to prove our superiority; over 8 teams anyhow!

So, as I said, this meant M was flying solo with collecting children, baths, bedtime and so on. And it is thanks to the Law of Sod that Missy would choose last night to trip over the rug outside J's bedroom and launch herself into the doorframe and giving herself a fairly nasty bump on the forehead.

Apparently she yelled.

A lot.

As those of you who read this blog regularly will be all too aware, yelling is something that Annabel is fairly adept at at the best of times. Stir into the mix a sharp whack on the noggin and oh Lord, batten down the hatches Mrs Miggins, there's a hurricane on the way, courtesy of my upset daughter. Thanks heavens for the magic of the Arnica plant!

She was crying, Joseph was crying, M probably felt like crying and I where was I? I was bowling in another part of London, having a beer and getting the odd strike or two

Ok then, just one strike. And a spare.


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