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Thursday, September 14, 2006

As one chapter ends .....

.... another begins! I took Annabel to nursery this morning - just the two of us!

Thursday "chez nous" is usually a hive of chaotic activity, "where are your shoes? Find them and put them on please. Have you checked their bags? Have they got a change of clothes inside? Why are you moaning? You want a cereal bar do you? We haven't time to watch television. No Annabel, take your finger OUT of there. Let's all get in the car, come one, come on ....... " and so on and so forth.

Not today though.

Just Missy and me. A relaxed, calm drive to nursery and then, getting out of the car, I realised - that was it. Annabel would now be going to nursery on her own; no Big Brother down the other end of the corridor. It is the start of M going one way with one child and me going in the opposite direction with the other.

It all just kinda sneaks up on you.

I'm talking about change.

You have your set patterns; so and so on this day, such and such on that day, pick up from here on the Friday etc. And then, in the distance, you see it - "change" on the horizon, a long way off, but it's there, heading your way and you discuss it, you try to prepare for it as best you can but then "POW", without warning it's arrived! Everything you were only talking about is HERE right now and you'd better do something about it!

It's a little bit sad.

I mean, you don't want your babies to stay babies, or your toddlers to stay toddlers; you want them to grow up strong, healthy and happy, have lives of their own.

But with each new progression in their lives, you come to understand that you can't go back. As pleased as you are that they've said their first word, you realise that with that first word now uttered, they won't be making that "goo goo gah gah" noise you've loved in previous months. As they take their first wobbly steps across the room towards you, they won't be crawling along the hallway wriggling their bottom in a way that used to make you laugh out loud!

Mixed feelings. Hurrah, they're feeding themselves with a spoon! Hurrooh, they won't be smearing yoghurt all over their face and making me laugh anymore!!

Good and bad, positive and negative, yin and yang.

Enjoy it while you can. That "baby magic" won't always be a part of the fabric of your daily lives.

Unless of course, you're going to maintain the patter of tiny feet indefinitely.

And we ain't!


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