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Friday, September 15, 2006

The difference a day makes!!

Oh boy, where to start! I don't need me to remind you that Joseph started at "Big school" yesterday. He was a bit tearful when M left but apparently this only lasted 5 minutes. He had a good time though!

The bit that threw him was the fact that he was going to an after school club until we came home from work. By the time M and him went to see it however, he was tired and didn't really want to join in, look around, anything! To much to take in I think! And while it was a nice place, it was quite expensive. Everything we thought we would be saving from his nursery fees are being swallowed up in all sorts of ways, not least this new club!

But something fantastic has come out of all this. It would work out better if I were to cut a few hours from work and collect him from school myself! What a result! So, if all goes to plan, I not only get to leave work a bit earlier but (more importantly), I get to spend time with my smashing son!! Not a snatched hour after work but proper, quality "what shall we do together this afternoon" sort of time!

Maybe we'll go swimming? Or cycling?

Who knows. Who cares?


New school term? I'm ready for you.

Joseph's birthday on Sunday - Hot Wheels truck here we come!


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