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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Many happy returns!

8.23am, 17th September, 2002; the birth of our smashing son Joseph and, for those of you without a mathematics qualification, today he turned the grand old age of 4.

A pirate theme, a huge marquee, skull and cross bones banners and balloons everywhere, all his friends from nursery, more food and cake than you can shake a stick at, et voila; one awesome party! (Not to mention a fabulous rum punch made by yours truly which went down an absolute storm).

It was great; the parents were happy (rum punch), the children were all happy (camaraderie and sugar) and we were happy as Poops was enjoying himself. It could have been very different however, as 2 hours before kick off, he was throwing up and complaining of stomach ache. "Call my friends and tell them not to come", he wailed. Thankfully, being the little soldier that he is, he rallied superbly and was a star!

Remember when I was saying how children don't need sugary or fatty foods; it's what they're brought up on that makes the difference? (
read it here). Anyway, there was one point where the majority of the children had wandered in from the garden, and made a bee-line for the end of the table that held the cakes, chocolate rolls and biscuits; a group of about 6 of them, all scoffing as fast as they could. Joseph on the other hand, was stood right down the other end of the table where the crudites were, looking well pleased with himself 'cos he was the only one that seemed to want to eat the cherry tomatoes! In they went, one after the other!!

We had a treasure chest piƱata which was proving to be a little too tough so I had a good go at it. It was Sod's law that I would be the one to break it open!! Not just that, but I whacked it so hard, the small boxes of Smarties inside split everwhere and there was a mad scramble beneath the tattered box for a share of the spoils!

Everyone seemed to have a really good time. Joseph did well on the present front - his favourite being a Hot Wheels twin motorbike set that launch from a wind up ramp; it is pretty neat I have to admit - people left when the last of the rum had gone, the children went to bed, we tidied up before collapsing onto the sofa at 9pm.

Hopefully, Poops will remember his 4th birthday fondly. I know I will.

M is damn good at organising parties. If you want her to organise yours for you, get in touch.


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