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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A poem from Joseph to all his friends at nursery.

I have been known to write the odd ditty or two in my time. Nothing fancy of course but enough to get my point across.
Anyway, I wanted to put a few words of thanks together for the staff at J's nursery on his last day. I've altered the original a bit to leave out the nursery name and location (for the sake of anonymity) but generally it is the same as the one we gave to the staff on Joseph's last day.
Any comments (as always) are appreciated.

I’ve been here at the nursery, since I was 6 months old
We’ve travelled here in summer heat, and through the winter cold
Although it was the priciest place my parents went to see
They paid the fees because they want the very best for me!!!

There were problems at the very start; management was none too good
My Dad was worried things weren’t being dealt with as they should
But then this new team came along and started things afresh
It went from utter chaos to a friendlier kind of crèche

This new team’s led by Nadia and she started a clean slate
Assisting her in all things new, her main man, Richard Waite
They went to work immediately, with new plans and great ideas
And promptly laid to rest, all the parents mounting fears

My journey went from Baby room then Little Learners one year later
To Learning Centre where I am now (for the older child they cater!)
I love coming here to see my friends, to learn while having fun
Carpet time and Lego or playing outside in the sun

My special thanks to Sarah, Salma, Shamsa and Sheri
They’ve all been really marvellous, always taking care of me
I can’t believe it’s time to go after nearly 4 whole years
Make sure you’ve all got handkerchiefs ‘cos I’m sure there will be tears!!!

I must give special mention to the nursery’s unsung hero
Without this person turning up, my weight gain would be zero
It’s Peter; he’s our resident chef (you couldn’t call him loud)
He’s cooked our meals day in day out, Gordon Ramsay would be proud!!

I hate goodbyes, they make me sad, so for now auf weidersehen
But don’t be sad, my sisters here, I will be back again
With my trademark bag of fruit, and of course, my handsome smile
I could stay one more year I guess, but you’re starting to cramp my style!

So thank you all, thank you so much, for helping me to cram
So much fun into my time here, and making me who I am
I’ve said it once, I will be back; it’s you I want to see
My home from home, just down the road, my special nursery

love from



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