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Monday, April 24, 2006


Well, for those of you who have read any of my recent posts, you will know that Joseph has been very upset when I've tried to leave his nursery in the morning. He has had a huge turnaround in the last week or so.

He still looks at me as I move away; still looks straight into my eyes and gives the faintest shake of his head as I take a sideways step towards the door. (This breaks my heart btw)

I have to (unfortunately) make out like I'm only stepping outside to talk to the manager and then slip quietly out, but that's a h-u-u-ge improvement on last week.

I wonder why though? I wonder what exactly happened for him to suddenly start wanting me to stay in the morning? Like I said before, it may have just been a stage he's going through, but that sounds too much like something the older generation might say!!! As a parent, you always think the worse. You can't really help it - your mind really does scamper off without you!
This is the case even if he's just playing in the garden - "oh my God, he's running on the nice safe grass, but he might fall into the roses 30 feet away and get scratched, which might get infected and then he might suffer from some crippling and debilitating disease in the future and then he might ......" and so on!

It's truly awful! You just worry!


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