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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jamie Cullum? Your days are numbered!

Many people around the world - boastful people - shout to the entire world of their small, insignificant achievements. They want to bask in their own glory of mediocrity, to force their pathetic triumph's down the throats of those less able, less successful, less handsome than themselves. To triumphantly trumpet their talents to all who will listen.

The conceited fools.

On an entirely different note, I have (rather brilliantly), completed my first book of piano lessons already, in record time no less, according to my teacher at any rate. Actually, he never said any such thing, but I'm positive no-one else out there can have gotten through it as quickly as I did, for crying out loud!

Did I not mention I am learning to play the piano? I'm sure I must've mentioned it once or half a dozen times already, no?

Regardless, I have finished Book 1 and have enjoyed every single minute of moving from being a complete novice, to being able to coax real music from my most favourite instrument of all. To think that I waited 40 years before doing something about it, ignoring a real, bona fide yearning.

Oh well, every journey starts with a single footstep, as they say.

What was funny, was that my very clever teacher (with his fabulous Russian accent), turned to the last page and said to me, "umm ..... I can see there is only one certificate, so umm ..... (uncertainty in his long pause), so I think we will keep it for Joseph, rather than give it to you, is it right?"

I laughed out loud, which he obviously took as agreement.

I mean, as if I'd want a silly certificate at the end of a book, thus depriving my son of it, heh heh.

And anyway, I can always tippex out Joseph's name at a later date and put my own name in!!



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