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Monday, January 26, 2009

"In you I've found a story I want to keep hearing ...."

M and I agreed that from a health point of view, 2009 has been the worst start to a year that we (as a family) have ever had. As you may recall, Annabel has had a nasty bout of chicken pox, a stinking cold and is currently trying to fight off an ear infection.

Joseph has also been in the wars with tonsilitis, the same stinky cold and an ear infection that has left him almost completely deaf in his 'grommet-less' ear.

There is very little however, that a dose of medication and the offer of a hot cross bun can't get around; in this case, getting over not wanting to go to school!!

Anyway, when I got to school/work this morning, I asked some colleagues if it was absolutely necessary that I attend morning assembly to which the reply was a resounding "no".

Fine, I thought; I'll get on with some work then.

By sheer luck, as I was taking Joseph and Annabel to their respective classrooms, I bumped into Josephs' teacher who enquired as to whether or not I would be coming to assembly.

"Erm .... no. I thought I'd pass", I offered sheepishly.

She replied, "It's just that their are some certificates being given out and ....." she looked round conspiratorially before continuing in a whisper, "I think certain people might be getting one!"

The "certain people" was accompanied by her rolling her eyes in Josephs' general direction.

"I'll be there", I announced, not bothering to explain that she needn't whisper as he wouldn't be able to hear her anyway!!

As much as I want to explain to you the military type manoeuvres executed in order to pack the entire school into their tiny hall - it is honestly a sight worth seeing - I will stick to telling you how several names were called out (from the eldest down to the youngest) and, second from last, Joseph name is called.

Two things happened as his name was called out.

Firstly, he looked unsure as to whether his hearing was playing tricks on him or if his name really had been spoken.

Secondly, the children in the upper school (who know me by surname but did not necessarily know I had a son at their school), all looked round at me, murmuring that the boy who had stood up had the same surname as me. "Is it his son?" "nah!!" "Yes, it is" and so on.

I looked straight ahead, keeping an eye on Joseph.

The reason for his certificate?

For "trying extra hard in class and for getting all his work finished on time".

Now this might not sound like much, but let me quickly say; after a slightly wobbly start to the new school year back in September, this certificate shows he has been trying super hard and has settled into his new class and the year ahead.

I looked directly at him standing there, slightly bent forward, looking more than a little embarrassed, playing with the zip on his jacket and giving a half smile to anyone whose eye he caught.

He managed to refrain from looking back at me for ages, for ages, for ages and then, as all the certificate winners were told to sit back down, he flashed a look back at me.

Thankfully I was still looking straight at him, smiling, my heart about to burst with pride!!!

Well done my beautiful son, well done.

A seemingly small achievement but trust me, the world is your ...... your .. erm ..... the world is your .....

Nope, it's gone!!


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