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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Painus terribulus

How wonderful!!

As always on a Friday night, the weekend lay before us like a wonderful, stretched out weekendy thing.

Thanks to some essential DIY (and some report writing that M had to get done), the children were spending the night and most of Saturday at my folks, so we found ourselves with the luxury of going out for a meal together.

Thanks to us choosing a rather hip 'n happening postcode, all the restaurants were packed to the rafters. This, combined with a recommendation from a friend, found us settling for fish and chips.

I know, not the most romantic choice in anyone's books but how about if I tell you it was the best piece of fish I have ever eaten from a chippy?

The mushy peas?

The bread and butter?

The freshly made tea?


Well we enjoyed it.

Anyway, on Saturday I managed to get our bedroom wallpapered as I'd hoped and M also did what she needed to do, all within 15 minutes of the children arriving home actually.

Today was complete pandemonium however, with a birthday party to go to at 9am (yes, that's right, NINE am!!), over to my monster-in-law's for a delicious lunch then home just in time for both children to go down with ear-ache.

After Joseph's bath I squirted some antibiotics into his ear (left over from a previous ear infection). I put it into his left ear and he tipped his head to the side to stop it dribbling out. However, he must've had some leftover bathwater in his other ear that tried to trickle out.

He snapped his head upright and announced that the liquid antibiotic had run right through his head and had nearly run out of his other ear!!

Oh how we laughed!!!

On a less funny note, Annabel was in so much pain with her ear, she ended up going to the hospital with M and her Mum.

They're on their way back now.

Poor Bubba!


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