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Thursday, September 06, 2007

And so you’re back ……

Difficult to believe but Joseph started at reception today.

Yes, a whole year has passed since he first went to the school where he will be spending the next 6 years of his wonderful, young life.

And last night we had a test run of his uniform, make sure he was comfortable etc.

It almost made me cry.

He stood there, arms pointing animatedly at the floor, chin up, back straight, as if he had a floorboard down the back of his shirt, not smiling, not relaxed and very serious.

I told him to chill, relax his shoulders, which he did.

He looked so handsome.

Standing there, the day before his first day and I wondered where on earth the last 4 years and 11 months disappeared to.

And this morning he jumped out of bed, asked to get washed straight away (unheard of) and could he put his uniform on?

“Yes, please do”, I answered, M and I exchanging a quiet smile.

M walked him to school and was worried how he would be, what with it being his first day back after the holidays.

Apparently Joseph saw two of his friends and he ran off, barely looking back, yelling, “bye Mum”, which obviously helped proceedings.

His new teacher saw him, told him how smart he looked and held his hand into his new classroom for the start of his new day.

Enjoy it Poops.

Well done.

And yes, you looked damn handsome.


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