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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Money talks!

While showering this morning, I could faintly hear Poops AND Missy yelling, screaming, crying. I sort of expect this from Missy but it was Joseph I could hear most which is unusual.

So I open the shower door and enquire if everyone's ok? No, they're not, so I rinse, grab towel and follow the noise to our bedroom.

Joseph had managed to drop a large metal money box on the very end of his big toe, splitting the nail AND the skin, it's bleeding, he's screaming and I KNOW how much this hurts!

Arnica tablets (amazing herbal remedy), arnica cream (just to make sure) and Nurofen to ease the throbbing in his toe.

Of all the mornings, we were supposed to be walking to the nursery this morning (as I am going to work on the train) but J announces, "I can't even walk on it" through the sobs.

Car, nursery, car, back home, then walk to station, miss train, get in late etc etc.

Tra la la la la, oh what fun it is to ride ..... tum de dum ....


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