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Friday, July 14, 2006

First past the post......

Wednesday evening was a monumental one in our house. Annabel, Missy, Foghorn Leghorn - whatever you want to call her - has taken her first steps. For us at least!

Apparently she rather selfishly took her actual first steps for the staff at nursery. Two in total and I have to admit to thinking, bummer, what a shame, her first steps with someone else. I needn't have worried though because she confidently took 4 steps and fell on the 5th on Wednesday.

Whereas before she would stand herself upright, walk a little while holding our hand but as soon as you removed that hand, she would stand for a few seconds and then drop down onto her knees and crawl to wherever it was she wanted to go.

Not now.

She smiles, knowing that she is standing alone and about to walk and then, arms out to steady herself she's off, 1 step, 2 step, 3 steps, balance going, arms raising, 4 steps, smiling again as she passes her centre of gravity and 5 steps, bang, onto the knees again!!!

Well done Missy, very well done.

You're doing just great!


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