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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Deodorant anyone?

Dear, dear me, I sit down on Saturday to write, completely forgetting to note the most important thing that happened yesterday?? After not receiving anything in the post on Thursday and no post on Good Friday (as expected), the postman finally delivered the letter we were waiting for.

Annabel got her full time nursery place in the same school where Joseph attends. The implications of this are many.

While I readily admit that the financial burden of her current nursery being lifted will be a wonderful relief, the money is secondary compared to how good the school is, how pleased we are she will be in the same place her brother started his school life and knowing what a terrific foundation for learning the school instils in their pupils.

3 cheers for Missy, hurrah, hurrah, hurrah!!!

Equally smashing (but on a less important note), we had a delicious Easter lunch, with my mother-in-law cooking a full Lebanese feast including tabbouleh salad, slow roasted lamb, roast chicken, hand made kibbeh, lamb fatayeh, cheese and spinach fatayeh, baba ghanoush and houmous, not to mention the rather strong arak drinks I made for us.

On bank holiday Monday, we went to Brick Lane in East London to buy filled bagels from the 24-hour bagel shop (we had smoked salmon and cream cheese, salt beef and mustard, boiled egg bagels with Danish pastries for dessert) before visiting the Museum of Childhood in Hackney, also in East London.

All in all we had a fun filled, gourmet’s delight of a long weekend and to top it all, I have cleverly booked today off too.

Fascinating fact: arak also means ‘sweat’.

Which is nice.


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