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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Anti-distinctly-minty …

There were a few words that I comically mispronounced when I was growing up that became part of my families vocabulary. As always, you would’ve had to be there to find them remotely funny but they were;

Bloodhound – I said it with the ‘blood’ part rhyming with mood not mud

Cordials – I said it as two syllables; ‘cor’ and then ‘dials’

(I said you had to be there!!)

Well last night, Joseph was reading me his school books – he reads to me and then I read to him – and bearing in mind his teacher last week said his reading was very advanced, I shouldn’t have been too surprised at some of the words he was attempting and getting right.

But I was.

Some of the words he tackled successfully were;







He pronounced each of the sounds out loud before diving in and saying the whole word and I was totally chuffed, with my laughter and congratulations spurring him on more and more.

Great reading Poops, well done.

However, lunch at a Japanese restaurant last Sunday threw up a word which I think (and hope) will stick.

We hadn’t sat down long before Joseph asked for a set of “chip stocks” as opposed to chopsticks.

In the words of Stephen Fry’s wonderful Lord Melchett, “thank the Lord for the gift of laughter!”


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