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Friday, January 09, 2009

Tired …… eyelids drooping ….. must rest ……

Well, this week finally arrived!!

(does not compute – please elaborate)

Oh yeah, sorry – I started my new job at the start of the week and I thoroughly enjoyed it. After the somewhat repetitive nature of an audio/IT job, tied to one desk day in day out, I started work at a primary school – yep, I’m back in the education sector.

I love it!

Don’t get me wrong, as you can read a couple of posts previous, I will always have a mighty soft spot for Bush House, the home of BBC’s World Service, but after 6 years, it’s time for a change and boy oh boy, you can’t get much more change than working with 10 year olds.

To top it all, I am working at ….. wait for it ….. the school my children attend!!

Up until Thursday, it was all, “hello Mr So-and-so this” and thank you Mr So-and-so that”. Then I saw Joseph in the playground and a deafening yell of “DA-A-A-D”, came hollering across 80 feet of concrete!


I think 2009 is gonna be a good year.

Having said that, as you may have read, Annabel has had a rotten bout of “chicken pops”, Joseph had tonsillitis at the start of the week and today I came down with ……. tonsillitis.

Bloody sore it is too!


Oh, somewhat randomly, Annabel wrote up a list of people she wants to invite to her party (in May!) and it looks something like this;

You would be forgiven for thinking that it looks like she has just written her own name out several times but, to give her credit, when I asked her to read me back who she had written down, she reeled off a selection of different names of her classmates.

Well done Missy!

And such lovely writing too


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