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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Fonz is Cool!

I imagine that being a magician, especially a magician that does only children’s parties, is very, very rewarding. The looks on their faces when the trick is revealed are a picture.

Take Joseph the other night for example. I had read him his nightly story and was about to switch the light off when he says, “show me something Dad” and promptly sucks his thumb.

This can mean only one thing – he is tired but doesn’t know it and wants to keep me talking for as long as possible. I think this is sweet, so I give him a hug, kiss him on the top of the head and lay back down next to him.

Now if my brain were a processor, it would be a fairly slow one so I was more than a little impressed at remembering ‘the floating sausage’ trick.

Do you know it?

You focus on a fixed point in the distance, hold your hands up at eye level about 18 inches apart (but keep your focus in the distance) and, pointing your forefingers at each other, slowly move them together. There will come a point where your finger tips will blur into a sausage shape, floating between your fingers.

So, after a brief explanation, Joseph tried it and, to his delight, there was the “sausage” just like I’d said. After his loud laughter had subsided (but not before I could hear Annabel enquiring what all the noise was), he tried it again and again, amazed that it worked every time.

You know you’ve got it right when the only word your child says to you is, “Cooool!”.


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