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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Muchas smoochas

Yes, it’s that time of year when the card companies desperately need to get people spending their cash again after we have recovered from the wallet bashing of December.

And everyone tries to get in on the act.

A pen shop (admittedly a very nice pen shop) in the little arcade below the building where I work, hangs whatever necessary in their window to get people to part with their cash throughout the year. At the moment their are red swirly banners and balloon shaped hearts. (At Hallowe’en, they put Pumpkins in the window. It’s a PEN shop for crying out loud!!!).

“Oh crumbs, it’s Valentine’s Day coming up. What can I buy so and so? Ooh, I know, a nice pen.”

“Most people will be out trick or treating tonight. What can I do that’s different? Ah yes, of course, I’ll buy them a nice matching pen and pencil set”.

Naturally, being so opposed to such a commercial event as it is, I rushed out to buy M something and she likewise. As always with M, she is very thoughtful and, remembering that I (often) complain of not having anywhere to put the tea spoon when I am making a cup of tea (it’s all go go go in our house!), she bought me a very sweet little dish with a white heart in the middle.

(So technically, she’s removed yet another reason for me to grumble – don’t worry, I’ll think of something else).

Other gifts included a bottle of Cupid’s Ale and an Edward Monkton canvas.

I’ll leave you to figure out who got who what?

If you see what I mean??


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