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Monday, May 26, 2008

You missed a bit!

Well, I made it through a very dull weekend of papering and painting our master bedroom. There is something decidedly unfair about using annual leave entitlement from work in order to stay at home and decorate.

But, being the consummate professional, I ploughed on with the task in hand.

Right up until Saturday when I downed tools and demanded a day off.

Actually, I never demanded any such thing; the weather forecast for Saturday was warm and sunny so we planned to have the day to ourselves anyway with a view to getting back into it from Sunday morning.

And, if you live in Southern England, you will know that I had the perfect weather for being inside, sloshing paint around. The rain was torrential for most of Sunday and ALL of Monday.

It made doing what I had to do a whole lot easier.

I am taking a couple of days off this week too as Joseph is on half-term. We are planning on going swimming and to the cinema to see Speed Racer.

His choice, not mine.


Blogger Suburbia said...

What a fantastic sign on your cinema! Did it really say that?

11:22 pm

Blogger Dad said...

I know!

Hard to believe but true, there it was, the Prince Charles Cinema, just off Leicester Square, bold as brass.

If it hadn't been such a warm and sunny day, it might not have been so amusing!

11:48 pm


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